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See why people love MediCircle

Jamie L.


You guys made it so easy. The day after I called, the box was at my door. And I loved the customer service.

Alfredo T.


I have been in the ICU for weeks, I can finally leave and see my family thanks to MediCircle. I really needed the medicine, but we gave up trying to afford it. Thanks to you, I was able to afford the medicine and now I am doing much better.

Sara G.


I have been going all around town trying to figure out where to get rid of these [medications]... I’m glad to have given someone hope during a time we felt so hopeless.

Paula M.


I hated that this was gonna get thrown away, and it was so exorbitantly expensive... Just knowing that this medication would go to somebody who needed it and it didn’t just go in the trash was incredible.

Jennifer H.


These meds have been sitting in my living room as a constant reminder. I've been trying to get them to someone for months!

Chris A.


My only complaint is that I didn't know about y’all sooner. I got the same medications I’ve always gotten, delivered to my home... I have nothing but good things to say about MediCircle.

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Patients receive their medications for free with MediCircle.

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Pay it forward, one pill at a time

36% of Americans report difficulty paying for their prescriptions.[1] Millions of Americans are forced to cut back on household necessities such as groceries and utilities to afford their prescription drugs. With MediCircle, patients receive their medication for free, so they do not have to choose between essentials like food and clothing or their health.

Protect the environment

The pharmaceutical industry produces 55% more carbon emissions than the automobile industry.[2] Additionally, trace pharmaceuticals pollute waterways, creating hazardous environmental conditions, damaging animals and wildlife, as well as contaminating drinking water.[3] Donating your unused medication protects Earth and reduces CO2 emissions.

Prevent the waste of medications

Billions of dollars worth of usable, unexpired medication are thrown away in the United States every year.[4] Don’t let your unused medications get thrown away. Ensure these valuable, life-saving resources go to someone who needs them.

A win-win collaboration with health plans

Prescription drug spending is one of the largest drivers of healthcare costs, resulting in higher out-of-pocket expenses and premiums for patients. By teaming up with health insurers, MediCircle delivers medication to patients who need it for free while driving down pharmacy spending for health plans, ultimately saving the entire healthcare system money.

Better adherence, better health outcomes

29% of Americans report not taking their medication as prescribed due to cost. 41% of these patients will resort to cutting pills in half or skipping doses.[5] By not taking their medication as prescribed due to high costs, patients get sicker, face more health complications down the road, and increase their likelihood of preventable death. You can ensure a patient gets the treatment they need by donating your unused medication.


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Kaiser Family Foundation, “Poll: Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Taking Prescription Drugs Say It’s Difficult to Afford Their Medicines, including Larger Shares Among Those with Health Issues, with Low Incomes and Nearing Medicare Age” Link

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