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About Us

Our Mission

At MediCircle, we’re on a mission to provide patients with access to affordable treatment by reclaiming unused medication. 

Our Values

We are a company driven by values

Transparency and Integrity

We believe honesty is the best policy. That’s why we value open communication with our donors, patients, health plans, partners, and the general public. We’re committed to transparency, and welcome questions.

Patient Health and Safety First

As healthcare providers, our patients' health and safety will always come first. This philosophy shapes all of our decisions, from which medications we accept to how we define our partnerships.

Commitment to Doing Good

MediCircle was founded with the purpose of making a positive impact. At MediCircle, every choice is centered on doing good for the world and, above all, for our patients and our donors.

Our Story

Closing the loop on medication waste

MediCircle began from a chance encounter with Loretta, a nursing home resident who was fighting stage IV breast cancer.

Loretta had been on her new cancer prescription for three weeks. With heavy hearts, the founders of MediCircle watched as she popped one of her pills out and cut it in half because she could not keep up with the costs. By only taking half of her prescription, she risked that her treatment wouldn’t work.

Loretta’s pharmacist led the founders to a trash room and showed them a biomedical waste container filled to the brim with unopened medications, waiting to be incinerated. At the top of the bin was the very prescription Loretta couldn’t afford, perfectly unopened.

We started MediCircle to reclaim the billions of dollars of unused medications wasted every year. You can ensure patients like Loretta never sacrifice care due to cost by donating your unused medication.


Driving change through government collaboration

As trailblazers in our industry, we’re not just reshaping pharmaceutical redistribution - we’re at the political forefront. 

MediCircle has been invited by numerous state legislative bodies to give expert opinions and testimonies. We’ve had the privilege of co-authoring the legislations that govern pharmaceutical redistribution in Texas and Rhode Island. Our legislative efforts have improved access to affordable treatments for thousands of patients.

Our political engagement advances the industry in a direction that benefits patients. This commitment not only positions us as pioneers of the pharmaceutical redistribution industry, but, more importantly, drives our mission of helping patients.